Saturday, June 25, 2005

Improvements to Percevia June 2005

In the last month we have made a number of significant improvements to Percevia. Be sure and check out the new rating system on the species account pages.

1. Revamped the GUI in several ways for example the group menus are on the left now and they remember the last group you opened if you come back later or use the back button.

2. Moved the Match window to the top of the screen and changed the way it works so it now presents the matches using "paging" like Google does. You no longer have to wait for all the birds to fill up the window. You can click a link to see all the birds if you want.

3. Added a rating system to the bird species accounts so you can now vote on the quality of the illustration as well as leave comments about the page. Please when you visit a bird page let us know how we are doing on the illustrations and content. It takes just one click to vote.

4. News: The North Dakota Department of Health West Nile Virus Surveillance Program is using Percevia to identify birds.

5. We now have 778 birds in the database, so we are almost done with North America. We will begin adding European birds in a few weeks and convert our units to the metric system (English units will be there too).

6. Added a FAQ where you can read a discussion about where Percevia came from, and how it differs from other web sites that claim to offer searching. This should also clear up some confusion about the non commercial and free status of this site.

7. Added a new attribute called "Readily Eats" which contains food items for a large number of birds.

8. Created a Forum for asking questions about a bird you want to identify, leave suggestions and more.


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