Saturday, June 04, 2005

Search When You Know a Bird's Name

I want to tell you about some cool changes we have made to Percevia to make your searching more enjoyable. First lets take a look at the three ways you can search, using the bird database as our example.

Search When You Sort of Know a Bird's Name. At the top of every page is something we call Quick Search. This simple looking text field is actually magical. With it you can enter the enter the name of any bird, even if you dont know exactly how to spell it, and the software will try to guess what you mean and automatically present a list of likely names to choose from in a drop down menu. Here is how to use it.

1. Select the database you wish to use from the drop down menu called Select Database. In this case we selected Birds of North America (there are several others, including a Laptop Buyer's Guide, World Facts, etc.) but we will ignore them for now. However they work the same way.

2. Type the name of the bird you are thinking of in the field called Search Term.

Thats all there is to it.

As you type your name a drop down menu will appear under the Search Term field with a list of the birds the seach engine thinks you are looking for. If you keep typing the list of possible birds will grow shorter. You don't have to type dashes. This effect is often called autocomplete. At any time if you see your bird on the list you can click on the name and the species account for that bird will appear in your browser in a new window.

What could be more simple?


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